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Lucky Sunday Raffle



Welcome back to another year at St. Joseph School!  We will again be having our Lucky Sunday raffle this year as a mandatory fundraiser.  Along with our St. Joseph School Board we’ve decided to increase the prize money and draw once a month, on the first Sunday, November through March.



  • The tickets will be distributed at Orientation Day, August 11, 2022


  • All parents will be asked to pick up their tickets at Orientation Day August 11, and sign off that they received their tickets and are aware of their obligation to sell and return them.


  • Kindergarten - Grade 8 Families are required to sell 30 Tickets at a price of $20 each for a total of $600.Additional tickets sold will earn your family a tuition credit of $10 per ticket.


  • PRE-SCHOOL Families are obligated to participate in this fundraiser.Preschool families will be required to sell 15 tickets at $20 for a total of $300.Additional sold tickets earn tuition credit.


  • Sold Tickets and money will be due Friday, October 28, 2022


  • Please turn in your sold ticket stubs at one of four turn in dates, Friday September 9 or 23, October 14 or 28.


  • Drawings will now take place on the first Sunday of each month for 7 months beginning November 6– May 1.


  • There will be 3 prizes drawn each month in the amounts of $400, $200, and $100


  • There are 7 chances to win, so if a ticket wins, it is re-entered into the drum and eligible for all of the remaining drawings.


  • Families are invited to sign up to sell tickets at all weekend masses.



If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, please contact the school office (815) 478-3951.