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School Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List


Pencil case for supply box or desk

2 pkgs. #2 mechanical or regular pencils
(stock up)

2 red pens (stock up)

2 pkgs. Wide, loose-leaf paper

1 black Sharpie fine point marker

2 good quality, two-pocket folders (1 solid colored, 1 picture)

24 ct. Crayola crayons (put in clear Ziploc bag)

12 ct. Crayola colored pencils (put in clear Ziploc bag)

8 ct. Crayola washable markers (put in clear Ziploc bag)

6 glue sticks (stock up)

Pointed scissors

1 set headphones or earbuds with standard mini-plug

1 pkg. hand wipes

2 boxes of tissue

6 rolls of paper towels

Supply boxes are sent home at Christmas break for a parental check of all supplies.  “Stock up” means many students lose or run out of this item by then, so if you find a great price, stock up so you can re-supply their boxes at that time.