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Classroom Procedures and Expectations

How can I succeed in Mrs. Sullivan's class?  If you follow these simple rules, I promise you will have success in my class.

1.  Arrive to class with an OPEN mind.  This means that you understand that there is more than one way to reach an answer/solution, everyone teaches and learns differently, different does not equal wrong, and my way is not always the best way for everyone.

2.  Be respectful of others at ALL times.  This means that you will use appropriate language and behavior in class, you will respect others' space and property, you will listen when others are talking, you will raise your hand to be heard, and you will give others your full attention when they are speaking.

3.  Come to class prepared to work and participate.  This means that you will have all necessary work materials before entering the classroom, you will actively participate in class discussions, you will have homework done on the day it is due, and you will keep a neat and orderly work area.

4.  Bring some reading material to class.  This means that you must have some form of reading material of your choosing, as long as it is age appropriate, with you to class.  It can be a novel, magazine, comic book, graphic novel, etc.; whatever you like to read.  You will read silently during class down time or in between assignments or instruction.

By following these four basic rules you are guaranteeing your success in my class.  So, welcome to 6th grade and let's begin our fantastic journey on the right foot.