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PreK-4 Weekly Newsletter
Week of May 18th

: 20

: Gray 

Shape: Review all shapes

Religion: God Cares for Us and All He Has Made

Read kindergarten books, color words worksheet, sequence flower cut and paste worksheet, practice writing the number 20, gym  and make edible dirt pudding cups with gummy worms

School notes
The children will be bringing home a video on Friday.  The video has many preschool pictures that were taken throughout the school year.  A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Pahnke (Mary Jane's mom and dad) for putting together the preschool video.  Mrs. Pahnke came and took pictures during the school year, and her husband made the video for us.

May 19th - Preschool children who come to school on this day go to mass  
May 22nd - Last day of school PreK4

I  enjoyed working with you and your children this school year.  Have a fun and safe summer!

 Mrs. Loichnger