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6th Grade Language Arts Procedures

This is your travel guide to success in this classroom!  Follow these simple steps and you WILL be rewarded with success.

1.  ENTERING THE CLASSROOM:  Students will come into class with all necessary items and be seated before the bell rings.  Notes to the office or teacher are to be turned into the tray on my desk.  Students will immediately begin working on the posted bell work assignment quietly while attendance is being taken.  If you were absent, please check the absent folder and your mailbox for any missed worksheets or handouts.  If student finishes bell work early, he/she is to read silently or work on absent work.

2.  PRAYER:  We will begin each class with a prayer.  One student will volunteer to lead prayer.  You may say any prayer that you like, but please keep it to something no longer than the Our Father.  Lead student will ask the class for intentions before beginning the prayer.  Class will respond with intentions by raising their hand and saying one or a combination of the following:  friends, family, special, situation.  No other detail is required.  We will all pray for what is in your heart and mind.

3.  STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING ASSIGNMENTS WHEN ABSENT:  Arrangements can be made to pick up missed assignments either by emailing me or calling the school.  Arrangements can be made for a sibling, parent, etc. to pick up missed assignments.  All assignments will be posted daily on my "Homework" page.  Additional time to turn in work may be warranted and will be awarded at the discretion of the teacher.  Make up tests will be given the day the student returns to school in a room to be designated by the teacher.  Long-term projects will be due on the due date!  You must make arrangements to get your project to school on the due date.  NO LATE PROJECTS will be accepted.  I understand that things can happen and you may be absent on that particular day, but long-term projects will have had sufficient time to complete and, therefore, must be turned in on the due date.  Missed work, worksheets, or handouts can be found in the "Missed Work" folder located on the bulletin board.

4.  QUIET TIME:  Students will quiet and give me their undivided attention when they see that my hand is raised.  Students will raise their hands to be heard unless they are in a group discussion.  During group work students will keep voices at a school appropriate level so as not to disturb other classes.

5.  TURNING IN WORK:  Students will place homework in the designated tray at the beginning of class.  One designated person in a group will collect the group's papers and turn them into the designated area.

6.  CLASS LIBRARY:  Students will sign books in and out on the clipboard next to the bins of books.  Books are to be treated with the utmost respect and returned in the same condition when checked out.  Books are to be returned in a timely manner.  They are NOT yours to keep!

7.  BATHROOM:  Students will use the bathroom at their own discretion as needed.  Students will NOT use the bathroom during class instruction time unless it is an emergency.  Students will sign in and out on the posted bathroom sheet.  Excessive bathroom use will be noted and may result in a talk with the teacher and/or parents.

8.  END OF PERIOD:  Students will remain seated until the teacher dismisses the class.  The bell is not your cue to pack up and scatter.  Transition from Reading/Writing to Language Arts will be done when instructed to do so by the teacher.  Transition periods will be quick, quiet, and done in an efficient manner.