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PreK-3 Weekly Newsletter
Week of May 18th

Letter: Vv   Motion: Pretend you are vacuuming saying "v" sound


Color: Gray

Review of all shapes

Color picture of a vicuna (an animal that resembles a llama), watch movie on stars, planets and moon, lacing cards, and a play a number board game

School Notes:
Your children will be bringing home a video on Thursday.  The video has preschool pictures on it that were taken throughout the school year.   A big thank you goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Pahnke ( Mary Jane's mom and dad) for taking the time to put the video together. Mrs. Pahnke took the  pictures, and her husband put the video together.    


May 21st - Last day of preschool for PreK3

I have enjoyed working with you and your children this school year.  Have a fun and safe summer!

Mrs. Loichinger