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6th Grade Language Arts Rules

WORK IS TO BE TURNED IN ON TIME:  Each student will be allowed TWO late assignments with no excuse needed.  After two excused lates, late work will only count for 50% of total allowable points.  Each day thereafter will result in an additional 10% decrease per day.  NO EXCEPTIONS, so use your freebies wisely!  If student goes entire year with NO late turn-ins, an extra 10 points will be awarded.

STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING ASSIGNMENTS WHEN ABSENT:  Arrangements can be made to pick up missed assignments either by emailing me or calling the school.  Arrangements can be made for a sibling, parent, etc. to pick up missed assignments.  All assignments will be posted daily on the website on my "Homework" page and in the designated area of the classroom.  Additional time to turn in work may be warranted and will be awarded at my discretion.

STUDENTS WILL BE SEATED AND READY TO WORK WHEN BELL RINGS:  Students are to be seated with all materials for class at hand.  Each student will be allowed FIVE excused trips to their locker per year to retrieve materials (the first week of school does not count).  The sixth time, and each time thereafter, will result in the loss of a "Sullivan Shilling."  Each trip to the locker will cost you one shilling.  (See "Shilling System" below.)

SHILLING SYSTEM:  Each student will begin the year with a clean slate and will be the proud owner of TEN Sullivan Shillings.  Shillings can be taken for breaking any of the above rules or misbehavior in class.  Shillings can also be taken for missing assignments or misuse of classroom time.  However, shillings can also be earned back with good behavior, being a "good citizen/Samaritan," helping others, etc.  Shillings are taken and earned at the teacher's discretion.  Shillings that the student has earned may be used to buy pencils, erasers, or other items I may have in the "Sullivan Store."