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We Are Underway! 
Happy Labor Day weekend!  We have now completed two full weeks of school and kindergarten is off to a fantastic start.  The class has the arrival routine down and is cruising through the morning work and word work like old pros.

If you haven't done so already, please complete your child's Reading Treasure Box as she is already bringing home books and poetry to collect inside.  Once the box is complete, please bring it in to school or send me a picture so your child can receive their Keys To Reading.

We bake on Fridays after lunch so there is no need to send a snack on those days.  We could use a parent helper at that time to facilitate the baking process.  If you are interested and able to help, please let me know.  All parents helping must have completed the Protecting God's Children training and have their certificate on file in the office. Baking is a very popular classroom activity.  Your child would love your help.  Won't you please consider joining us?  No baking, cooking or teaching experience needed :)

Have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!

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